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Keep your dog safe with their antler.

You know how much your pup loves to chew, and as a responsible dog owner, you want to ensure that you are looking for a long lasting chew that is safe for your dog. One of the best choices that you could make is antlers.

Your dog's health matters, and it's vital that you choose the chew that is based on the chew style of your dog. Antlers have been proven to be the best for passive to moderate chewers. These are the dogs who prefer to gnaw on their chews rather than completely consume them. Antlers are hard dog chews that are designed to scrape away dental plaque build up to improve their dental hygiene. Chewing is healthy behaviour that you want to encourage in your dog, especially as it's a natural stress reliever.

  • Antlers chews make excellent chews for dogs, but supervising your dog while they use them is so important! We've got a few tips to help your dog to have antler chews safely.

  • The antler dog chew should be big enough so that there is no choking risk. You can buy those that aren't quite large enough, but you should always be able to get a refund if the sizing is wrong.

  • You should always inspect each chew before you pass it to your dog - just in case of sharp edges. These can be smoothed by rubbing them against sandpaper.

  • Always wash antler chews in soapy water and rinse very thoroughly before giving them to the dog.

  • Before you leave your dog to it, watch them chew for a while. This can help you to learn whether they are safe before you can feel confident.

  • Triple check the dog is gnawing, rather than trying to snap it in half. Bearing down too hard creates a choking risk - not okay - it could damage his teeth. Swap it out for a softer or different chew.

  • A treat is a treat, so no more than an inch of the antler each day is a good idea. Any smaller is dangerous.

  • Teach your dog to drop the antler chew for a different treat in case you have to take his away. Plenty of articles online can teach you how to do it.

  • You can coax your dog into being more interested in the antler by rubbing it with sandpaper. If they're still not interested, soak it in water overnight in the refrigerator and add a little peanut butter.

  • These antler chews aren't the best treat for elderly dogs as the risk of breaking their teeth is too high.

  • Antlers have a 3-year shelf-life so that you can stock up!

  • Natural dog treats are always free of additives and preservatives, which gives your dog the safest treat possible that's also tasty.

Ref Khalid Khames, ACE Antlers

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