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Beef  Neck Tendon with bone - 1 piece

Beef Neck Tendon with bone - 1 piece


100% natural chew made from gently dried Beef Achilles Tendons. The dried Beef Tendon for dogs is completely digestible and carefully dried (dehydrated) to ensure optimal quality, consistency and flavor.


Approximately 15cm

  • Storage

    Dehydrated treats are easy to store. We recommend storing them in a sealed plastic container and they will last approximately 6 months.

  • Safety

    Chew Responsibly! Dogs shouldn't have too much of a good thing so make sure fresh water is available at all times. Supervision is recommended. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.

  • Ingredients

    100% Beef

  • Nutritional Information

    Protein 88.9%, Fat 3.3%

  • Health Benefits

    High in protein and low in fat, these highly sought-after treats are ideal as a highly palatable alternative to rawhide.

    Low in fat Grain and gluten free

    High in protein

    They act as a great natural dental aid, once your dog starts chewing they become fibrous and massage the gums at the base of the teeth, preventing tartar build up.

  • Additional Product Information

    A great way to treat, train, and reward our best four-legged friends – The Beef Achilles Tendon is very low in fat but a rich source of quality protein. These highly palatable, large tendons are also the perfect treat for dental hygiene.

    The intensive chewing strengthens the dog’s jaw and promotes good oral hygiene through the mnical cleaning of the teeth. A perfect chew to keep the dog busy and happy for a while!

    Easily digestible which reduces the work needed from your dog's digestive system, which makes these suitable for those with digestive issues.

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