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Dried Beef Liver - 100 Grams

Dried Beef Liver - 100 Grams


Beef Liver is a firm favourite and has been a staple of the dog treat world for many years.


100 Grams


  • Storage

    Dehydrated treats are easy to store. We recommend storing them in a sealed plastic container and they will last approximately 6 months.

  • Safety

    Chew Responsibly! Dogs shouldn't have too much of a good thing so make sure fresh water is available at all times. Supervision is recommended. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.

  • Ingredients

    100% Beef Liver

  • Nutritional Information

    Crude protein - 63.4%, Fat - 11.4%, Ash - 4.1%

  • Health Benefits

    Protein - This nutrient helps build and repair muscles and other bodily tissues.

    Healthy fats and fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega-6 - These nutrients are both incorporated into cell membranes throughout the body. Omega-3 specifically helps with skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis, and more.

    Vitamin A - Vitamin A is arguably one of the most important vitamins for your dog to have in their diet, as it helps their digestion, keeps their reproductive organs healthy, and serves as a natural, powerful antioxidant.

    B Vitamins - These vitamins, especially vitamin B12, serve to protect your dog’s mental health. Additionally, they serve to prevent anemia.

    Minerals - Iron helps brain development, regulation of body temperature, and helps the metabolism function. Zinc supports the immune system and thyroid function. Phosphorous supports healthy joints and bones.

  • Additional Product Information

    Our liver is tough and has a reasonable odour which engages well with most dogs and being a high level reward, is a firm favourite among trainers and pet owers.

    Suitable for most dog sizes Puppy to Senior

    Super easy, super convenient

    No added preservatives or additives

    Low odour

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