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Large Pigs Ear - 1 piece

Large Pigs Ear - 1 piece


Pig ears are easily digestible, and the high cartilage content will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles plus help with teeth cleaning.


Size - 1 piece

  • Storage

    Dehydrated treats are easy to store. We recommend storing them in a sealed plastic container and they will last approximately 6 months.

  • Safety

    Chew Responsibly! Dogs shouldn't have too much of a good thing so make sure fresh water is available at all times. Supervision is recommended. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.

  • Ingredients

    100% Pork

  • Nutritional Information

    Crude protein - 68.4%, Crude  fat - 20%, Moisture - 11%, Ash - 2.6%

  • Health Benefits

    Pig ears are a good way to stay on top of your dog’s dental hygiene. They are a crunchy treat that assists in the removal of plaque and food residue from the teeth (think of it as a toothbrush for dogs). The intense chewing on pig ears also helps in developing strong jaws, canine teeth, and healthy gums for years to come. PLUS, healthy teeth and gums also result in much fresher breath in dogs; good for them (but mainly you).

    Pig ears are perfect for dogs…especially ones who love to chew. Pig ears are a safe option, but they can also act as a distraction to keep your dog from chewing on things they shouldn't be.The chewy density will help in encouraging your dog to slow down and exercise their jaw. Plus, the great thing about pig ears is that they hold consistent levels of flavour even after hours of chewing, unlike many un-natural dog treats that lose their flavours almost instantly.

    They are extremely high in essential vitamins and minerals, with particularly high levels of Iron and Omega 3. Due to this, pig ears are a great alternative to rawhide or other less than natural dog chews that may taste good but hold little to no nutritional value for your dog.

    Pig ears have high levels of protein which holds many health benefits in itself. The protein packed into pig ears not only helps to keep muscles strong, but protein also plays a vital role in the formation of new skin and hair cells. Keeping their skin and hair healthy is important as it can help prevent a range of problems and disorders such as Alopecia, Ticks, Flea Allergy Dermatitis and even Black Skin Disease. With pig ears, your dog’s hair and skin will be healthy as well as silky smooth to the touch. 

    Due to the density and texture of pig ears, they are set to challenge even the most seasoned chewers. Meaning they often last up to a few weeks (or longer) depending on your dog and their chewing ability.

  • Additional Product Information

    Free from Gluten

    Free from Grains

    Free from Chemicals

    Free from Colours

    No Flavour Enhancers

    No Preservatives

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